Our event packages are for the grown-ups that still want to party.

Hosted packages at Festivals, events, and just because!
We believe life is about excitementenergypassion and a dash of mischievousness!

Our packages are designed to capture all of these qualities at amazing events, festivals, and experiences around the world. It is way more than just a ticket!

The best part of all?  The amazing people you meet along the way.  We celebrate bringing fun loving people together in a relaxed environment.  Your host will be on hand to get you all started and keep things going… making it easy for you to connect with like-minded people and be part of something special.

We want you to be: A grown-up, but young at heart and still have some party in you.  Done with backpacker style packages, but not ready to go on a tour with your retired parents.  Fun – that is what it is all about, so bring your A game!

Are you ready to be B Misguided?



Why us? ...

B misguded at these events...

The B Misguided team is dedicated to providing the very best service, giving access to a range of amazing experiences and making sure they boldly take you on a special adventure. Connecting you with people, places, and experiences.

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So, who are you going to meet on a B Misguided adventure?

Awesome people from around the world.  That is why we love what we do. Generally, we have an even split of men and women, with well over half being couples. Age wise, most people fall with 35 – 55 year category. We are not ageists, anyone over the age of 18 years is welcome to join us.  Really it is about having a great attitude, wanting something a bit nicer and knowing how to party like a grown up (i.e. no anti-social behaviour).

These tours have a thing or two in common...

  • FUN - Crazy good times
  • AWSOME EVENTS - Big, small bold, unique... so long as they are fun.
  • WELCOME PARTY - It's like team building but with booze.
  • DELUXE HOTELS - In great locations for easy walk to local hot spots.
  • PREMIUM ACCESS - If there is a VIP section we will be going there.
  • AMAZING HOSTS - Seriously they are our superstars! Always hands on, taking care of the details and ensuring that you are having a great time.
  • INSIDER KNOWEDGE - Your host can give you the low down on where to get great coffee, the best martini, tasty ramen and of course where the locals go.
  • SIZE MATTERS - We keep our numbers small. It means more attention from your host and easier to connect with others in the group.
  • NO HASSLES - Our packages include the best each event has to offer. We take care of all the research, comparing, planning and bookings. You just need to get ready for a great time.
  • FUN - Yep there it is again!


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